Family Group of Abraham Cooper

ABRAHAM COOPER   was born 1727, and died Aft. 1812. He married CATHARINA OSTRANDER March 22, 1751/52 in Albany, Albany, New York, daughter of JOHANNES OSTRANDER and LYSBETH VANDENBERG.

Notes for ABRAHAM COOPER   Anc. Chart

February 21, 1727/28, Christened; Reformed Dutch Church ; Albany, Albany, New York

March 22, 1751/52, Married; Reformed Dutch Church, Albany, Albany,New York


There is available a copy of his signature traced from a lease to him by Stephen Van Rensselaer, Esquire, of 147 acres o fland in Rensselaerwyck. The lease bears date December 30, 1790, when Abraham was 62 years old. It seems apparent that this 1790 ease of land was made to enable his only son (Obadiah A.) who was married in 1789 to establish a home of his own, as he and his father are listed separately in the 1800 census. On May 13, 1801, Abraham Cooper and his son bought, jointly from Stephen Van rensselaeer, a farm of 168 acres at Guilderland, Albany Co.9see Albany county Book of Deeds 24, p. 115) On June 6, 1801, Abraham, his son, and his son's wife (Elizabeth Ostrander) were "receied as members ini full communion" of the Helderberg Reformed Dutch Church at Guilderland Center,Albany Co. and at that Church Obadiah A. later served as Deacon and his three younger children were baptized, all according to the record book of the Church.


December 10, 1727, Christened; Albany, Albany, New York


  1. OBADIAH A. COOPER, b. September 30, 1762, Albany, Albany, New York; d. July 24, 1831, Syracruse, Onondaga, New York; m. ELIZABETH OSTRANDER, September 1789, East Greenbush, Rensselaer, New York.
  2. CATHARINA COOPER, b. September 21, 1766, Albany, Albany, New York; m. MATTHEUS HOLIDAY, November 20, 1786, Reform Dutch Church; Kinderhook, Columbia, New York.
  3. ELIZABETH COOPER, b. May 1753, Albany, Albany, New York; m. JOHN SULLIVAN.
  4. OBADIAH COOPER, b. 1753; d. September 29, 1753, Albany, Albany, New York.
  5. CORNELIA COOPER, b. 1754, Albany, Albany, New York; m. NICHOLAS SIGSBEE, March 07, 1773, First Dutch Reform Church; Albany, Albany, New York.
  6. MARIA COOPER, b. 1756, Albany, Albany, New York.
  7. ANNATJE COOPER, b. November 1758, New York; m. WYNANT E. VANDENBERG, May 28, 1780, First Dutch Reform Church; Albany, Albany, New York.
  8. REBECCA COOPER, b. 1760, Albany, Albany, New York; m. EVERT OLFERT, June 24, 1781, First Dutch Reform Church; Albany, Albany, New York.
  9. LENA COOPER, b. September 15, 1764; m. THOMAS COOPER, September 06, 1786, First Dutch Reform Church; Albany, Albany, New York.


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1. M. Grace Wilmarth; Obadiah Cooper (Tailor at Albany, N.Y., from 1713-1742),