Family Group of Joseph Scott Dripps

JOSEPH SCOTT DRIPPS   ( George Walter, Isaac, John) was born October 01, 1875 in Martelle, Linn County, Iowa, and died December 02, 1943 in Springville, Linn, Iowa. He married FRANCES IDELLA HEMPY March 20, 1901 in Jones County, Iowa, daughter of LAFAYETTE HEMPY and ISABELLA PIEPER.

Notes for JOSEPH SCOTT DRIPPS   Anc. Chart   Cemetery

THE Old Settler of Linn County, Iowa         1837 - 1915
August 26, 1915
JAS. E. BROMWELL, Marion ~ President
T. T. WILLIAMS, Marion ~ Sec'y-Treas.
THE Old Settlers Association of Linn County, was organized in 1891 under the direction of J. C. Davis, its ex-secretary. It was organized for the purpose of bringing the old settlers of the county into closed communion with one another, and has been a great success from both a social and financial standpoint. The growth of the association has been marked from the very start and it now has a membership of 2,500 of the pioneers who settled in this county between the years 1837 and 1890. One of the leading features of the association is the holding of an annual reunion and picnic, which is held at Marion. It is always the largest and most successful reunion held in the county. We herewith present to our readers a complete roster of the membership, compiled in alphabetical order, together with the years in which they first settled in Linn county.

Names preceded by a star signify the members have died since joining the association.
1856         *Dripps, Geo         Martelle


Interment: Linn Grove Cemetery, Linn County, Iowa 2.

Notes for FRANCES IDELLA HEMPY   Anc. Chart   Cemetery

Passed away, February 1942
Interment: Linn Grove Cemetery, Linn County, Iowa 2.


  1. GEORGE LAFE DRIPPS 2, b. December 15, 1901, Springville, Linn, Iowa; d. October 07, 1996, Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa; m. GLADYS ELDORA HOWLAND, February 25, 1934 1, Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa.


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1. Our Family History by Gladys Howland Drips. A hand written book with the history and events of her family members.
2. Linn Grove Cemetery, Linn County, Iowa
Tombstone inscription