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ZOETH HOWLAND   (Henry, Henry, John, John, John ) was born January 31, 1635/36 in Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusettes, and died January 01, 1675/76 1 in Puncatest, Newport, Rhode Island. He married ABIGAIL _ 1, October 10, 1656 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusettes 2.


ZOETH HOWLAND was born in Duxbury. The Friends' records in Newport, RI, record: Zoar Howlan of Dartmouth in plimouth Colony was maried to ABIGAIL his wife in the tenth month of the year one thousand six hundred fifty-six. In the same records is this brief entry of his death: Zoar Howland was killed by the Indians at Pocaset the twenty-first day of 1st mo. 1676. Abigal married (2) Richard Kirby Jr, whose sister Rhuhama was the second wife of John Smith, whose first wife was Deborah, daughter of Arthur Howland (Henry's brother).

The date of Zoeth's death was in the middle of King Phillip's war. The northeast part of Dartmouth was burned te previous July. About that date the English had a skirmish with the Indians in Tiverton, and from that date the Indians "greatly annoyed" the settlers. Though at the time of Zoeth's death the war was going on in southwestern Rhode Island only, the savages in this section were doubtless full of revenge, and Zoeth was one of their victims. 4


The History of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations: Biographical, by the American Historical Society, Inc., 1920. For an unknown reason there are several copies of the book with the same title page, but with different contents. From pages 118-20 of one edition.

"Zoeth Howland, son of Henry Howland, was born in Duxbury, Mass. He moved, with his wife Abigail, to Dartmouth, and there embraced the Quaker religion, his father and wife also being members of that church. Zoeth and Abigail Howland were tried and fined for their religious faith, it being proven that meetings were held at their home. Zoeth Howland was killed by Indians at Pocasset, R. I., January 21, 1676, the place of his death now known as Tiverton."


"An Inventory of the estate that Zoeth howland of the Towne of dartmouth whoe was slaine by the Indians the 28th of march 1676 died posessed of; exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the 7th of June 1677 on the oath of Abigaill howland widdow" 2

Notes for ABIGAIL _

Children of ZOETH HOWLAND and ABIGAIL _:

  1. NATHANIEL HOWLAND, b. August 05, 1657, Dartmouth, Massachusetts; d. March 03, 1723/24, Dartmouth, Massachusetts; m. ROSE ALLEN, 1684.


    NATHANIEL HOWLAND was born in Duxbury on August 5, 1657. He was married in 1684 to ROSE ALLEN, daughter of Joseph (Ralph, George) and Sarah Allen. Rose was born in October, 1665. Nathaniel died in Dartmouth in June, 1724. 4

  2. NICHOLAS HOWLAND, b. 1674; d. April 01, 1722, Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusettes; m. (1) RUTH DUVAL; m. (2) HANNAH WOODMAN, October 26, 1697, Little Compton, Rhode Island.
  4. LYDIA HOWLAND, b. September 23, 1663.
  5. DANIEL HOWLAND, b. May 1661, Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusettes; d. Abt. 1714, Tiverton, Rhode Island; m. MARY SAMPSON.
  6. MARY HOWLAND, b. December 23, 1665, Dartmouth, Massachusetts; d. January 29, 1742/43, Eastham, Plymouth, Massachusetts; m. NATHANIEL FREEMAN.
  7. SARAH HOWLAND, b. February 1666/67.
  9. HENRY HOWLAND, b. June 30, 1672, Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusettes; d. Aft. September 16, 1729, Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusettes; m. (1) DEBORAH BRIGGS, June 03, 1698, Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusettes; m. (2) ELIZABETH NORTHUP, February 12, 1713/143.

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