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JOHN KOCH   ( Samuel 1 ) was born August 23, 1894 in Vienna, Austria, and died December 19, 1955 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois 2. He married HEDWIG (HARRIETT) ALGMINOWICZ 1, daughter of ADAM ALGMINOWICZ and ANNA WESCHKALNIS.

Notes for JOHN KOCH    

Time Line for John Koch ... developed from research data

1894, Aug. 23b. Vienna, Austria
1906, Sep 11Arrived Ellis Island from Bremen, Germany
1921, June 4m. Hedwig (Harriett) Algminowicz in Kewanse, Cook, Illinois
1955, Dec. 19d. St. Lukes Hospital, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
1955, Dec. 22interment: Mount Greenwood Cemetery, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois


Passanger Record (Ellis Island)   7

First Name: Johan
Last Name: Koch
Ethnicity:Hungary, German
Last Place of Residence: Bukkiod
Date of Arrival: Sep 11, 1906
Age at Arrival: 11y
Gender: M
Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Kaiser Wilhelm II
Port of Departure: Bremen
Manifest Line Number: 0019

Original Ship Manifest shows John Koch arriving with mother Barbara and brothers Joseph and Samuel.


U.S. Armed Forces in WW I. 2 6
Interment:   December 22, 1955; Mount Greenwood Cemetery, Chicago, Cook, Illinois 5 6
Cause of Death: Carcinoma of left lung, primary site 2


Interment:   April 02, 1990; Richwood Cemetery, Glenview, Cook, Illinois


  1. JACQUELINE ANN KOCH, b. May 25, 1926, Chicago, Cook, Illinois 1; d. September 25, 1968, Doylestown, Buckingham Twp., Bucks County, Pennsylvania 3; m. FRANK L. HOWLAND, October 07, 1950, Ames, Story, Iowa.
  2. BETH ANN KOCH, b. August 03, 1922, Grand Rapids, Michigan; d. May 12, 2003, Bethesda Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland; m. WILLIAM HARRY FLEMING, July 11, 1941.

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