Savanna Township Cemetery

Savanna, Carroll, Illinois
Lat. 42.079N , Long. 90.130W

Located south of Savanna on Hyw 84 (Viaduct Rd.),
about .6 miles south of Hwy 52.

Cemetery Map

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Howland   Old Section, Section 8, Row 11, Lot 41
The century old sandstone markers were badly weathered and
the photos didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.
The next time a tracing will have to be made.
Larger Photo Howland   "Father"
  George Washington
Larger Photo Howland   "Mother"
  Persia Ann   nee Blakey
Larger Photo Howland   "Mary"
Larger Photo Howland   "Nellie G."
  Eleanor   (wife of William D. Gillogly)
Larger Photo Howland   "Sarah A."
  Sarah A.
  Charles A.
believed to be buried in Savannah, Georgia
Marker located with family, just a bad photo (not reproduced)
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Gillogly   Row 4, Lot 11
  William D.
  Eleanor   nee Howland
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Various Tombstones

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