Snider Cemetery

Des Moines Twp., Dallas Co., Iowa

Private cemetery
(located ???)

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Lat.   41.8027645
Long. -93.8502265

Snider Cemetery Search

Not able to find cemetery. From discussions with locals and other information it could have been on the corner of Bittersweet Rd. and the driveway displayed in photo above (between Wendover Ln. and 155th Pl. - 1500 block of Bittersweet Rd.).

Couldn't locate ponds or old coal mines. Would guess they could be near the old railroad bed, which would make them south of Bittersweet Road.

See map for possible locations of Snider Cemetery.

The following information was provided by the Iowa Genealogical Society, 6000 Douglas, P.O. Box 7735, Des Moines, Iowa 50322

SNIDER CEMETERY   near Woodward, Dallas, Iowa
Snyder Cemetery (private), Section 26, Des Moines Township, Dallas County, Iowa

Howland John no date 1852 unable to locate
  (from prior DCGS transcription)  

Located southeast of the Bittersweet Theater in Des Moines Township (Dallas County, Iowa) This was started as a family plot and is still on Snider land. There are no fences, cattle and horses roam over the graves, stones have been moved. There is an old coal mine south of the burial ground and the shale was moved behind the cemetery to form two ponds.

About Snider Cemetery:
Jeremiah Snider sold his farm in Virginia for $387.60 and came to Iowa 3 June 1843. It was for Abraham Snider's daughter Sarah, who died shortly after the family came to Iowa, that Jeremiah Snider, Sarah's grandfather, staked off the land for the Snider Cemetery. Abraham and his family didn't remain in Iowa very long because of the hardships of pioneer life in the unbroken country. Shortly after Sarah's death, Abraham and his family returned to Virginia, and then relocated to Greene County, PA.

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